GAD Teachers and Students Participate in “AB Faces” Shooting




On Dec. 31, 2018, under the supervision of Wang Xiaohuan and Li Kuo, year 17 and 18 students from Art Design for Drama of Gengdan Academy of Design participated in the shooting of “AB Faces”, a film jointly produced by Hebei Balin Times Co., Ltd. and film studio. 

拍摄场景 Shooting scenes



The film “AB Faces” chose Institute of Architectural Space Art, Engineering School, Teaching Building B, and the campus as the shooting site. Under the guidance of Wang, the students engaged in the preliminary art design and scene setting, including space modeling, role shaping, photography, fine art, directing and performance. The focus of this shooting was set in the office of Zhang Shuhong, a teacher from Institute of Architectural Space Art. The office, selected from the perspective of spatial modeling and shooting requirements, was set as the office of a magazine’s chief editor. In the play, the relationship between foreground and background was established via the shutters and the layers of stairs outside, with mottled light and shadow projected on the face of the character to help create the role in specific situations. In order to set the scene and create the character, teachers and students borrowed hundreds of books and some decorative props from GAD and the Art Center of Ms. Zhao Yi. Students not only participated in scene setting, but also played in the film as figurants.

拍摄准备 Shoot preparations



Students gained a lot of practical expertise from location selection, scene space, scene setting to shooting, learned the cooperative relationship between the art department and other creation departments, and experienced the hardships of the film crew.Art Design for Drama will continue to provide more opportunities in practical teaching and focus on the combination of classroom teaching and practical training. Teachers and students expressed their heartfelt thanks to Zhang Shuhong, Zhao Yi, and Zheng Yanbing, Director of Human Resources, for their vigorous support.

全员合照 A photo of the whole crew



Freshman Testimonials: Through this practice, I saw the hard work and tenacity of the filmmakers, who are required to have solid professional knowledge and true love for film and television production. In the future study, we should respect and applaud for every film because they are created after days of endeavors of filmmakers, whose labor should be respected. Therefore, I will patiently wait for the last name to slide up at the end of each film. Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to my teachers for this valuable practical opportunity, a precious experience to start my university. It has also spurred me to learn the film production industry and to love the industry.