S:What is the biggest difference between Ireland and China?

H: Well, the biggest difference is size, everything is bigger here even this chair. China is a big country with a lot of people, and I suppose that the buildings are much higher than I’m used to, and buildings are built very fast, so these are the deep impressions really.

S:What is the best thing for you about working and living in Gengdan Institute?

H: I think the best thing is the students, because I have to say quite honestly that in BGD, the students are very nice, very interesting, and very eager to learn, which means the young people in China know what they want. I think that maybe related to the history and the culture. Well, I like the students who are very enthusiastic.

S: When I came to here in the first year, my first impression of BGD is very beautiful. There are many green trees and my favorite sport soccer. That kind of environment and atmosphere is what I want. So, can you share with us about your first impression about BGD?

H:Yes, I agree with you,the environment is very beautiful, and the buildings are also beautiful, old leaves are being red from the tree, and in spring we have cherry blossom. So, it’s nice to study in such a beautiful campus which covered by a big green space. For another hand, it’s nice that everything is in the campus. Students can do sports all the time, and for basketball courts, running courts, students can be able to go there when they want to do.

S: I know that you have taught many years in BGD, have you ever met any problems when you are teaching in BGD at the beginning? And how did you solve these problems?
S: 我知道您在耿丹学院任教多年,那么您在刚到这里教书时,是否遇到过什么问题吗?又是如何解决的呢?

H: Problems in teaching?No! But I am doing a really challenging thing in Urban Planning program which is language. Everything is taught in English, and it is not easy for the students. But we cannot say that it’s a problem, it’s a challenge and we are often very happy when the students can understand to the teachers. Also the facilities are very good, which include many valuable rooms, these help us a lot in teaching.
H: 教学上的问题?我认为是没有的,但是对于城乡规划这个专业,有一件具有挑战性的事情就是语言。城乡规划专业的课程是全英授课,这对于学生而言并不简单。但是我们不能将它认为是一个问题,它是对教师工作的挑战,当学生理解我们所讲的内容时,我们会非常开心。这里的设施非常的棒,这对于教学的开展提供了非常大的帮助。

S: Are there any differences about the way of teaching between China and Ireland?
S: 在教学方式上,爱尔兰和中国有什么不同吗?

H: We tried to do in the same way, but I noticed that the students are sometimes not used to the way we taught. Particularly in our program, there is no right or wrong answers to the question, it’s different from another program. For Urban Planning, it is about arguments, making a case or telling a story why you think something should be done. So, we often gave some debates in classes and students would give their opinion. And I think for many students, it may difficult to them, because they didn’t have this kind of class in their high school. So, in the first year, I often say to students that we need to learn from each other, and we need to share opinions with other people. Another difference what we are difficult to change is that they will not argue with others when other students are talking, they will wait until teachers give their signal. At last, there are many students using their phone in the class, I think that need changed. These are the differences from me.

S: For many Chinese student, they learned English very early from primary school, but a lot of student cannot speak English fluently now. Can you give us some advises on studying English?
S: 对于很多中国学生,从小学就开始学习英语,但是现在并不能说一口流利的英语,您可以给我们一些关于学习英语的建议吗?

H: Well the best advice I can give you is talk to each other in English more. You know that when you are talking to another people in English, you will feel very difficult because that is not your mother tongue. And for me, I was born and grew up in Ireland, and Irish is my mother tongue, I just learned English at school. But for one work in a summer vacation, I need to speak English in my work, so it’s difficult for me to talk in English at the beginning, but three months later, at the end of the work, I discovered that it is much easier than I thought, because during the work, I cannot speak Irish, and only English here, so I improved very quickly, all in all, the advice I can give you is speaking English as much as possible.

S:Is there anything you’d like to say to our students at last?

H: I would like to say that I admire the students who are far away from home. They don’t go home maybe from one month or a whole semester, cause the distance, even other province. I understand them but I think they can grow up more quickly than others, because they have to look up themselves. Well, there are some local students who do not return home often, too, they will spend the weekends for studying at school. So, I admire those students who do not return home often. I asked my students and they gave me a very positive feedback. They wouldn’t be frustrated, because they could do a lot of things at school, such as completing homework and preparing for exams. In this regard, my suggestion is to keep it. In addition to learning, you can use the weekend to spend time around and explore the outside world, and there are many overseas programs in our school, you can explore different countries and feel the different cultures, this is a very good opportunity to improve self-ability, be sure to seize it.
H: 我想说我非常佩服那些家离得很远的同学。我知道有些同学可能一个月,甚至一学期才能回一次家,因为他们的家离学校比较远,甚至是其他省份。我能理解他们,但是我认为这些同学或许成长得更快,因为他们需要学会照顾自己。当然还有一些本地的学生,他们也不经常回家,会利用周末的时间在学校学习,所以对于那些不经常回家的同学,我都很佩服。我问过同学们,他们给我的反馈都很积极,他们并不会因为周末不能回家这件事感到沮丧,因为他们在学校可以做很多事情,比如完成作业、准备考试等。对此,我的建议就是,保持下去,除了学习,你可以利用周末花时间到周围转转,探索外面的世界,而且学校有非常多的交流项目,可以到不同的国家开拓视野、体验不同的文化,这是一个非常好的提升自我机会,应当要抓住它。


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