Paul O’Sullivan B.A., M.A., FMII, FCILT

Paul OSullivan B.A., M.A., FMII, FCILT


保罗 · 奥沙利文 现任北京工业大学耿丹学院国际商学院院长,爱尔兰南北贸易署副署长,爱尔兰延续教育机构(SOLAS,财政预算约为7.5亿欧元)理事会成员。曾任爱尔兰都柏林理工学院副院长、爱尔兰都柏林理工学院商学院院长、爱尔兰高等教育署(管理爱尔兰所有高校的机构)成员。曾担任多家企业的战略经理和领导职位以及欧洲、非洲和亚洲多所大学的顾问。曾成功拓展了与英特尔、甲骨文公司、软件联合会、国际计算机硬件联合会和爱尔兰雇主联合会之间的合作关系,在培训和资格认证方面开展密切合作,提供线上和线下培训以及硕士学位的教育服务。

Paul O’Sullivan is Dean of the International Business School, Gengdan Institute, Beijing University of Technology. A graduate of University College Dublin, he is Emeritus Vice President of the Dublin Institute of Technology and former Dean of the College of Business at DIT. Under his leadership, the College of Business DIT grew to be the largest Business School in Ireland with the largest Doctoral register and the largest portfolio of corporate programmes of any Irish University. In partnership with multinational companies he developed Master’s programs for the high-tech hardware and software sectors(supported by Intel, Hewlet Packard, Ericcson, and others ) and DIT became the training accrediting partner for Oracle in Europe and the Middle East and for Microsoft in Europe. The College has also been awarded AMBA accreditation for its MBA programme and is recognized by EdUniversal as “a high quality business school with international impact”.

He was previously a researcher attached to the School of Education TCD, prior to joining DIT as Senior Lecturer in Marketing Communications. He later was Head of School in DIT and Principal of the College of Marketing and Design. He has been Visiting Professor in a number of Universities and has been strategic consultant to Universities in Europe, Africa and Asia. He has participated in and chaired many programme and university reviews in Europe and conducted a review of Marketing Education in Zambia on behalf of an Irish government agency. He has published many papers in academic journals, has co-authored three books and has been guest editor of The European Journal of Marketing and the American Journal of Psychology and Marketing. He is lead author of the report Marketing in Ireland, North and South and has an extensive track record in promoting Enterprise and Start-ups. He was for many years a member of the Board of a leading Enterprise Trust and was Chairman of the Small Enterprise Seed Fund.

Paul O’Sullivan is currently Deputy Chair of InterTrade Ireland, the joint Ireland/UK government body promoting enterprise and trade. He is also a Member of the Board of SOLAS(Further Education Authority of Ireland) and a Member of the Council of the Marketing Institute of Ireland. He is a former member of the Higher Education Authority of Ireland, the funding and regulatory body for all Irish Universities.